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Scripting API Reference

Following is a comprehensive list of Kirix Strata's API class hierarchy, organized by both category and name.

Classes By Category
Classes By Name

In the information about each class, you'll find lists of the properties, events, and functions the class supports, as well as examples of how to use the class.  In the individual class definitions, functions are defined with both input parameters and types as well as the output type they return:

[static] function <class.function>(<input> : <input type>) : <return type>

So, for example, in the Core class category, the String class has a function called charCode that returns a character of a string at a specified index.  The function is defined as follows:

function String.charAt(index : Integer) : String

This definition says that the "String" class has a non-static function called "charAt" that takes an input "index" that's an Integer and that it returns a String.  In use, of course, you don't actually include the input type; these are included in the definition to help clarify what the function expects and what you can expect it to return.  So, when using the charAt function, you might say:

var a = new String("abc");