wxAUI Quick Facts

wxAUI Documentation

Quick Facts

Author: Ben Williams, Kirix Corporation
Platforms: Windows, Linux GTK+ 2.0, Mac
License: wxWindows Library License, Version 3.1

Latest Stable Version: 0.9.4 (subsumed into the latest wxWidgets distribution)
Requires: wxWidgets 2.8.0 or later

Getting Started

To use wxAUI, you will need to do the following:

  • Include "manager.h" in your implementation file
  • Create a static member of wxFrameManager in your derived wxFrame class
  • Put the frame under the control of the wxFrameManager in your wxFrame constructor using the wxFrameManager::SetFrame() function
  • Create whatever controls you want and add them to the wxFrameManager using the wxFrameManager::AddPane() function
  • Tell the manager to "start managing" the newly added panes using the wxFrameManager::Update() function
  • Uninitialize the wxFrameManager in the your wxFrame destructor using the wxFrameManager::UnInit() function.

Further Documentation

For further information, please see the wxAUI class references as well as a coding example to get you started.