Kirix ProfitPoint Recovery Audit Software

Kirix ProfitPoint: Recovery Audit Software

Quickly research and idenfity errors for your clients

Kirix ProfitPoint™ is an excellent data analysis platform for exploring and researching different types of overpayment errors.  Rather than relying on manually generated queries using generic desktop database tools, ProfitPoint provides you with a flexible, interactive environment built for the rigors of recovery auditing.

At its essence, a recovery audit is a comparison of what happened with what should have happened.  ProfitPoint provides you the tools you need to compare and mine through corporate data, including search, filtering, sorting, queries, reporting and customizable duplicate detection.

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Recovery audit firms throughout the world rely on Kirix ProfitPoint to identify errors for their clients — so should you.  If you're looking for a straightforward, cost-effective solution for streamlining your data discovery, please contact our sales team to view a live demonstration and learn more.