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Kirix Strata: Announcing Release Candidate 1

After a long, long beta cycle, we're pleased to finally announce a release candidate! Feel free to download it here.

This version takes Beta 9, released last week, and tightens the screws. We've done a lot of bug fixes and added plenty of little things here and there, like cleaning up some GUI items and making our nomenclature consistent. Oh yes — exciting things like determining if a menu item should be “Bookmark Location” or “Bookmark This Location” or if a dialog should be called “New Bookmark” or “Add Bookmark”. Yes, I can tell you're extremely enthused. :)

We've also tightened up the report writer functionality — the grouping wasn't working very well in Beta 9, but in this version, you can have multiple groups in your report. Also, we added the ability to create reports directly from queries instead of just tables. And, try out Quick Report: highlight a few columns in a table then select New > Report and see what happens.

And, drumroll please…

We finally have a help manual. It is a not-yet-final-draft, so please excuse any grammatical errors. It'll give you all kinds of extra information about doing data analysis using Strata that you probably didn't know existed. Select Help Contents from the Help menu and have a look.

We expect a second release candidate by mid-next week that should have everything tightened down even further… so stay tuned for more good stuff to come.

Please keep the feedback coming, it's really appreciated! Thanks!

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