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Kirix Strata 4.1 Maintenance Release Now Available

We're happy to announce the release of Kirix Strata 4.1, which is a maintenance upgrade that adds some new functionality and also fixes some problems. Here are some of the new and improved items in this version:


  • Added the ability to create formulas within reports. To add a formula to a cell in the report design view, just begin the expression with an equal (=) sign. These formulas allow you to use all of the functions that you normally use in calculated fields.
  • Added a right-click option to insert both common, pre-built formulas into cells as well as custom formulas. Some pre-built formulas include the current date, page numbers and and page count.
  • Improved the usability of the report design view and fixed some drawing problems.


  • Added the ability to access database views directly from database connections. In the previous version, when you connected to some of the external databases like Oracle or SQL Server, you only were able to access the tables; now, you can also access the views in your database.
  • Added the ability to open additional data tables, such as TSV files, directly from the web. Data tables that are opened directly from web tables now use the MIME type to load properly rather than relying exclusively on the file extension.

User Interface Enhancements and Fixes

  • Added a German translation for Strata's menus, dialogs, and other parts of the interface. However, please note that the documentation remains in English only.
  • Fixed a problem where the software would crash if the first mark color was changed from the default and then an additional mark was created.
  • Fixed a problem that prevented new projects from being created on Linux.
  • Added an option to download extensions, instead of just install them.
  • Improved the structure checking for tables and queries.


  • Added additional script functions for integrating scripts with the main Strata application, interacting with a web page's document object model (DOM) and passing post data in HTTP requests.
  • Added improvements to considerably increase script load times.
  • Added additional SQL functionality for connecting to different databases and converting from numeric and date values to character values.

This upgrade is free to anyone with Strata 4.0, so please download the new version, or simply, select Help > Check for Updates inside Strata. Then, let us know what you think!

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