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A Wee Bit of Housekeeping…

brooms2.pngWe haven't been doing much regular blogging lately, but we're hoping this will change in the coming weeks.

In the meantime, we've recently done some housekeeping on our website, so if you haven't visited recently we'd encourage you to do so. We've updated many pages with new content, but here are two sections in particular that we'd steer you toward:

  • Examples Section. This is a long overdue section that puts together some quick examples of how Kirix Strata™ can be applied to common data problems. The section is still a work in progress with more videos still to be produced. However, we expect what we have now will prove useful to new and old Strata users alike. Check it out.
  • Video Tutorials and Archive. We've done a bunch of different videos and screencasts over the past year or so, but they've been they've been posted all over our website. This new section wrangles all of the videos together in one place for posterity. The feature tutorials, in particular, are worth viewing as they help give a more comprehensive look at how to use specific features in Strata. Take a look.

So, in a nod to the Matrix, where one cannot be told what it is, but one must see for oneself, we've tried to make some high quality video documentation available. Stay tuned for more to come. Enjoy!

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